Welcome to UnityConnect, a site for Compassionate Social Action. There are many personal beliefs about what social action means to each of us. Some possibilities are: holding the light for human need, peace and justice, relief and development, education, earth care or service to animals and all sentient beings. UnityConnect provides a place for us to support others with similar passions through groups, programs and sharing of our authentic selves.

UnityConnect.org is a place where Programs in local communities share their stories of what is working in compassionate social action. We connect, in service, to programs that support each other through conversations, photos, videos, comments, feedback and ideas. This community is opening our hearts to what calls us, and cheers us on as we endeavor to show up consciously in service with each other.

Join the conversation and making a difference in the world. Open to our wisdom and compassion, we step into our vision for the possible.




Want to cook up some Compassionate Social Action of your own. Use the connections on UnityConnect to make the seaming impossible, the inevitable success that your heart desires.