Guatemalan Service Trip

At the end of this year, a group from Unity Church and the Geller Center will embark on a journey to Guatemala with environmental nonprofit Trees, Water & People (TWP) for 10 days of discovery, service, and cultural exchange. Working with the rural, indigenous community of La Bendición, the group is raising important funds to More Info »

Plant a Row for the Hungry Angel Gardens

Unity of Ames has two Angel Gardens and has contributed 720 pounds of fresh produce to the Plant a Row for the Hungry Program in Ames, Iowa.  On Nov. 22, 2015 we had a Harvest of Gratitude celebration to honor the volunteers of the Plant a Row Program in Ames!

UNHCR – The UN Refugee Agency

This organization can help you get a deeper understanding of global refugee crises in all their complexities. As we seek to connect with our fellow human family, we can raise our awareness of current issues highlighted by the media. Then, we can link our knowledge with compassion and move toward creative action to help our More Info »

Human – The Movie

A film by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, in sweeping cinematography and whole-hearted excerpt interviews, you travel the globe getting to know people from diverse cultures as they share their perspectives on such human experiences as love, work, grief, and systemic issues such as gender roles. It’s never been easier or more satisfying to be an armchair traveler More Info »

Unity EarthCare

The Unity movement is guided by a vision of sacredness and the inter-connectedness of all, the interdependence of all life. It is a journey of spiritual relationships with Earth and its creatures. It is through awakened consciousness that we see everything as the presence of God. Climate Change As humanity has been primarily responsible for More Info »

LoveLight – South Africa

Program Name: LoveLight Inspiring South African children, through Unity and Ubuntu, to express their fullest potential Website: Sponsoring Organization: The Light Center, Baldwin City, Kansas Contact Name: Martin Dowman LoveLight is serving the kids in South Africa, to rise above the circumstances of pandemics like HIV/AIDs and poverty in the post apartheid era. We More Info »

J.O.N.A.H. Joining Our Neighbors Advancing Hope

Local interfaith communities join together to address Social Justice issues in our community Externally Organized Website: Facebook: JONAH of the Chippewa Valley Description: A grassroots organization that seeks to bring people in the Chippewa Valley together and empower them to build a more fair and just community for all. Areas currently addressed: Economic Justice, Immigration, More Info »

It Can Be Done!

Externally Organized Website: Facebook:It Can Be Done-Official Description: The 2010 United Nations General Assembly and Human Rights Council resolved that “Water is a Human Right” and that clean drinking water and sanitation are essential to the realization of all human rights. The UN calls upon States and internation organizations to provide financial resources, support capacity-building More Info »