I saw a story that I can’t let go of now. It is of the three-year-old boy whose body was discovered after an overloaded refugee boat capsized in rough seas as it tried to make its way from Turkey to Greece. I was deeply affected by the photos and the simple story of the families’ need to escape from the atrocities at home. It cut through to my heart and to my children as I witness this tragic event. Then I question how to be more than a witness, to step into compassionate social action.

We all understand that it is “in this moment” that we make a difference. Using the divine power within each of us, we can focus our thoughts, imaginations and will in seeing it right. We step into action through sharing our feelings, ideas and actions with others. We become like a compass pointing to the truth and as we share this with those around us, they begin to point their compass in that direction as well. Then it is not just you or me speaking, but a community of voices and then growing further, a symphony of voices that express their will and love into the infinite possible and move the tide of the collective consciousness.

Distressed Father

Image Of Dead Syrian Child Shakes Up Media Coverage Of Refugee Crisis
Abdullah Kurdi, father of 3-year-old Aylan and his brother, Galip, age 5, whose drowned bodies both washed up on a Turkish beach.
Mehmet Can Meral/AP


If you are moved, share about this and other passions you have with your friends and communities. Allow this little boy’s death to become a catalyst for change by helping make this more than just a sensationalistic news story.

In loving service,