In Unity with our brothers and sisters in Chile and areas effected by this movement of the earth, we breathe.  We are centered in the Light of God and release any anxiety or fear. We use the wisdom of our divine action, in prayer and in the physical, as we are guided to the Truth for ourselves and in service to those effected.

One Million Evacuated in Chile Earth Quake and Tsunami

The 8.3 magnitude earthquake occurred in the evening of September 16th with over 40 after shocks of 5.0 or greater effecting a wide area of Chile as well as sending up tsunami warnings across the Pacific Ocean.  A 4.5m wave hitting Conquimbo, Chile and waves of up to 2m have buffeted Tongoy. These towns are the closest in  the region to the earthquake’s epicenter. The image below is from Tongoy.


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In loving service,
Martin Dowman
compassionate social action consultant