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We are all One - showing up for each other and seeing all, as whole, perfect and divine. UnityConnect provides a positive path for spiritual living through connections with others. A community of compassionate social action in a safe and friendly atmosphere with no cost to join.

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James Twyman will be in ISIS controlled Syria for a Peace Vigil The world seems to be spinning out of control and there’s nothing an individual like you can do to stop it. But that’s not really the truth, is it? Imagine what would happen if you combined your energy with that of millions of More Info »

I watched as my feelings moved through the pain and grief watching the news about the Paris attacks on Friday. It moved me to ask, what is mine to do? The translated Prayer for Protection from Unity Worldwide Ministries reminded me to shift my thoughts from the media driven anxiety to that place of peace, More Info »

In Unity with our brothers and sisters in Chile and areas effected by this movement of the earth, we breathe.  We are centered in the Light of God and release any anxiety or fear. We use the wisdom of our divine action, in prayer and in the physical, as we are guided to the Truth for ourselves and in service to those effected. More Info »