Beginning with the belief that We are all One, That we all show up for each other seeing all as whole, perfect and divine, UnityConnect provides a positive path for spiritual living through connections with others. A community of compassionate social action in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Group SignsThere are programs that hold the light for human need, peace and justice, relief and development, education, earth care, animals and much more. UnityConnect is the social community for people who want to “be of service” in compassionate social action. We all understand that this is a very diverse area and each of us has our personal connection with our passion. UnityConnect is the framework for social interaction and ways to start the conversation. Reflecting how we show up in service to the world. A place where programs list what they do and stories about how they show up.  People can connect in social conversations – likes, images, comments, discussions and listening to each other deeply.

Can anyone become a member?

Anyone who agrees with the terms of service and has a desire to connect may register and become a member of

What does it cost?

There is no cost! Besides this, UnityConnect will not collect funds for any program or endeavor. Donations to any program or organization are the responsibility of the organization. The opinions expressed on the site do not represent any endorsement by Unity Worldwide Ministries.

How do I begin?

Register with your basic information and you will receive an email to confirm that you want to join.  Once registered, login and follow your passion into connecting with other.